For the past 25 years, I have worked with hundreds of owner-operated small businesses. There a number of things these businesses have in common. The owners are passionate about their product or service. They are innovative and fiercely independent. They are comfortable with taking risk when they see an attractive opportunity. All too often they are making less money than they could make by working for someone else. Most experience a constant level of frustration with their finances and their employees. Many are not terribly effective in the areas of marketing and sales and very, very few of them have any formal training or schooling in how to run a business effectively.

The first thing I challenge my clients with is this: “Are you willing to work hard at becoming as good at running the business as you are at delivering your service or generating your product?”

If all this sounds familiar and your answer to the question is “yes,” I invite you to look through the rest of this website and see if it might be worthwhile for us to talk. I offer to conduct an analysis of your business at no cost so you can see if working with me as your coach would be a wise investment.