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Founded as a non-profit in 1984 in Great Britain, the Institute for Independent Business is a research, training and accreditation body dedicated to serving the needs of small and medium sized businesses. On January 17, 2008, at the conclusion of a fascinating and arduous 5 day Residential Business School, I became an Accredited Associate.

There are over 4,500 associates worldwide with expertise in every industry and business discipline imaginable. That network of expertise is now available to my clients.

Part of my commitment as an Accredited Associate is to meet with business owners at no cost to them to discuss their particular opportunities and challenges. We have fascinating research to share and can often offer helpful advice and direction in one meeting and are happy to do so. If there is a need and a fit, businesses can apply to the Business Support Programme where my services as a Business Coach along with the worldwide network of expertise are made available to them in a long-term, paid basis.

Anyone who has owned and managed their own business is well aware that they sit in one of the loneliest and toughest seats in the business world. The purpose of the Business Support Programme is to provide them with a trusted advisor who knows exactly what it is like to sit in that seat and can bring literally a world of resources along with, in this case, over twenty years of experience as a business executive and coach.

Helping small business owners become more profitable and lead more satisfied lives has been and continues to be my professional passion. I am very pleased now to be part of an organization and network that share completely in the business values I have attempted to live by (see "Code of Ethics" and "Aims and Objectives" links listed above).

I am actively seeking to meet and get to know as many men and women who own and manage their own businesses as possible. If you know someone like that and would be kind enough to introduce me or refer me, I would be immensely grateful. And, if you are a business owner, so much the better. Check out the IIB and send me an email or give me a call. The initial meeting with any new business is provided at no cost. We are not looking to sell the program. We are looking for business owners for whom having expert advice and guidance would make a critical difference. The program is tailored to the individual need. And we do not mind at all if nothing occurs beyond the no cost meeting. We're in it to share our research and possibly enhance our "body of knowledge" as much as to provide "practical advice that matters."