Don Frankenfeld

"Accountability is taking responsibility before the fact, rather than after the fact. It is taking a stand and standing by it. When those who are accountable are right, they take credit. When they’re wrong, they take the heat. A fair exchange.

Accountability is a way of working. Those who practice it have an unspoken respect for each other. And a visible disdain for the absent-minded apologizers, mumbling excuse-makers and tembling fence-sitters who run from integrity as if it were the plague."
-Shearson/Lehman Brothers Ad

Entrepreunerial & Executive Coaching
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The first thing I look for in examining a business is what the ownership is committed to accomplishing. What do you want in terms of asset growth, financial return, job satisfaction (both for you and your employees), an exit strategy, etc. I promise specific, measurable improvement in the areas of your business where you need it most, and I promise to train you in what is essential for you to become masterful at running a successful and profitable business enterprise on your own.

Recently I have been trained in “Non-directive” coaching and the methodologies contained in Myles Downey’s book, “Effective Coaching.” The difference between this particular approach and what you might expect is striking. I will not provide specific solutions or guidance unless you directly request it of me. Otherwise the process is set up to have you arrive at your own solutions through a collaboration -- with the ultimate solutions, ideas and decisions being entirely your own.

Typically, I will stay with a business or management team for 6 months or more and provide weekly coaching designed to insure the success of whatever goals and intentions have been set. Fees are variable and negotiable based on results required and project complexity. An initial "Needs Analysis" is conducted at no cost to give you an idea of how the coaching works and what I have to offer in the way of initial recommendations tailored to your individual situation.



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"The One Minute Manager" – Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

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"The Great Game of Business" -- Jack Stack and Bo Burlingham


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"The Power of Full Engagement" -- Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz.

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"We have grown from a two-person operation to a team of over 30 full and part-time. Larry Bangs' guidance in dealing with personnel issues (the worst!) has been invaluable. He has helped focus all of us on achieving results and taking responsibility rather than avoidance and blame. For the past few months, Larry has been coaching our supervisory and administrative staff to help create a more cohesive workplace, and the results have been profound."

Gail Fisher, Owner and CEO
All Dogs Gym & Inn, Manchester, NH

"Larry is an intuitive, insightful and wise coach. Together, we address all aspects of my life and work, uncovering shadings and aspects of issues that are critical to my progress but that have eluded me on my own. When I’ve run into one of those blind spots, he intuits what I need to see past them. Whether it’s time to think it through, a mere verbal gesture or a velvet sledgehammer, Larry always seems to know which to use. Grounded in a breadth of learning, self-reflection, and experience, he challenges my thinking, beliefs, and habits, all the while maintaining a profound respect for my ability to know and choose what is best for me."

Kim Posich
Executive Director
New Mexico Center for Law & Poverty

"Larry helped all the different people in our company work together, focusing on common commitments. Since this ground work was done 18 months ago, we have seen dramatic positive differences in the way our employees and our company deal with powerful issues like responsibility and accountability."

Paul Winans, President
Winans Construction, Inc., Oakland, CA

"Larry’s advice has always been clear and to the point and nearly always accurate – even when I didn’t want to hear it. He has been a great friend as well as a trusted and highly skillful business partner. I recommend him without reservation as someone worthy of the highest trust both as an executive and as a business coach."

Jim Robinson, CEO
Robinson & Muenster, Inc.
Sioux Falls, SD

"I’m very pleased with the way the board is working together and getting things done now and particularly want to thank you for coaching us in being clear about the difference between being in action and just talking about things. We look forward to a continuing and prosperous association with Bangs & Company."

Jeffrey Shattuck Leiter, Former Mayor – Berkeley, CA
and Former President – Berkeley Symphony,

"Finally, but perhaps most importantly, you have provided an accurate ear for myself and our management group to more clearly and carefully consider how we relate and what we want and expect from each other. You have my thanks, respect and appreciation. I would not hesitate to recommend you and your services to other owner/managers who are intending to upgrade their performance as leaders and their businesses as vital members of the community."

Peter van der Sterre, President
Van der Sterre Construction
San Francisco, CA