Matthew Gardner

 "However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally look at the results."

              -- Winston Churchill

Sales Coaching
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From the perspective of natural business capabilities, the world seems to be pretty clearly divided into those for whom sales is effortless and those who for whom it is not. In smaller enterprises, the onus for generating new business often falls on the owner by default. Mastering the sales game (whether you are a natural or not) and being able to build a strong, capable sales force is clearly an essential element in the growth and success of any company. Not being one of those blessed as a “natural,” I have had to work extra hard to train myself, not only for the sake of my own livelihood but in order to coach others successfully who may not be “naturals.”

National surveys that ask people the first thing that comes to mind when the topic of sales is brought up show that 70% or more answer with some variation of “pushy.” We are bombarded with advertisements all day long only to come home and have our dinner interrupted by a telemarketer. It’s difficult to win people’s trust and even get the opportunity to make a case for your product or service in that kind of environment. I have come up with a set of tools and the coaching to go with them that is directed toward the not-so-natural sales person and specifically designed to avoid the stigma of “pushiness” that pervades our culture.

Sales Tool Box

 Effective Selling
Calling for New Prospects
The Sales Box  
Sales Persistence


“Guerrilla Marketing” and “Guerrilla Selling” – Jay Conrad Levinson. Houghton Mifflin -

“Getting to Yes” – Roger Fisher. Houghton Mifflin


“At the time we were soliciting evaluations for the value of our company for a partner buy out, we were told by an evaluator with a great deal of experience in our industry that we are the only company he has ever seen that increased its revenue every single year of its existence.”

Matthew Gardner
The Wright Gardner, Inc.

“With you help, I had a “personal best” year and, as you know, was awarded the highest achievement our firm has – Century Club Member AND I was one of twenty top producers for all of Coldwell Banker’s Northern California region – quite an accomplishment! What I especially appreciate about your coaching me was your preparation and attention to the personal aspects of me and my business, not just a general overview of how to do better business. With your guidance, I raised my “deserver level” to where I believe I can achieve an even higher stage of monetary success.”

Steve Shoen
Shoen Real Estate

“The way you engage each person in looking at their own thinking and challenge them to see how it impacts their results worked very well. I was also impressed with the way your coaching brought them around to some creative, new possibilities for approaching the market as it is. Out of your work with our agents, many of them began to see that there are positive, constructive steps to be taken and that the downturn in the market does not meant that we all have to throw in the towel.”

Joe Herst
RE/MAX Realty